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dine with us 

 Welcome to Dinner at the Barn at Walnut Hill Farm. While our menu is based on the season's bounty we strive to pair locally sourced ingredients, including foods and herbs grown here on the farm. If you have questions or want further information on our restaurant menu feel free to send us an email. 


meet our chef

Our in house chef, Jasa Joseph is a well renowned culinary mastermind. 

Her dishes are carefully crafted with attention to detail, tastefulness, and a unique flare.

Amazing food, exceptional service, and incredible ambiance is what sets 

the cuisine at Walnut Hill apart.

unforgettable dining


Come to Walnut Hill they’s worth the distance they’s the best food in North Georgia they’s the best wine list they said...they weren’t wrong!!! Best meal we’ve had in awhile. Thursday and Friday nights this fall

—  Anna

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